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Thiller The Comeback Part II

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Nov 18 12 4:51 AM

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I stumbled on this, a bit late but nonetheless quite interesting. Apparently, there is going to be a book out this Christmas featuring lots of eyewitness stories from people who have seen Michael since his 'death'. This one is just the most convincing of the accounts in my opinion. I can't help but feel a bit excited at these stories.

What do you think?.

Eyewitnesses claim to have spotted Michael Jackson or his physical double leaving Pepsi headquarters in Purchase, New York, for the second time in a month, this time speeding away in a white Cadillac that matches the description of the car that is said to have whisked him from the grounds of Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, just days ago.
The report is fueling rumors that the King of Pop is alive and may be personally involved in a deal that has authorized the use of his iconic image on soft drink cans – and that, also, he may be “telegraphing” a comeback tour three years after he was reported dead of a drug overdose on June 25, 2009.
“It was Michael Jackson,” one of three people who claim to have seen Jackson at Pepsi headquarters today told me exclusively.
“I’d know him anywhere,” said a second source.
And, according to the third source, “This was not an impostor or lookalike.”
As was reported first at on May 5 and then later in newspapers, magazines and blogs worldwide, a man that is said to have been Jackson was seen leaving the company’s offices with an entourage of men in black suits who helped him aboard a waiting helicopter in the parking lot. See: Michael Jackson Spotted in Pepsi Headquarters
Exactly one month later, on June 4, we reported this eyewitness account:
“Michael Jackson was spotted getting into the back seat of a white Cadillac at Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, at 12:15 CDT, just minutes ago as we’re writing this on June 4, 2012, say sources, in what might be the beginning of a comeback tour or at least a public acknowledgement that the King of Pop is, in fact, alive and prepared to come out of hiding.”




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Nov 18 12 5:52 AM

Derek Clontz :) wasn't he the one who spread the news about Cassandra Gretchen Sims on his site?! Saw this eyewitness reports some time ago, but didn't know what to think about...

At least I'm still patient and hopeful
Love and light to you Sunny

Do what you want to do and go where you're going to, think for yourself... >Beatles<

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Nov 20 12 6:02 PM

Thanks Sunny for posting 

I believe the stories about sightings of Mike are kind of fishy, and I cannot see any credibility to them. For all we know it could be the author promoting the book so we need to be careful not to fall into that pitfall. But then again, it could it be a testing of the waters. Time will tell. I think it's interesting to follow Derek Clontz (yes Hopefull this is the same guy you are referring to). I always felt this person had some kind of inside information. If I remember correctly, wasn't this the same guy that published the same info about sightings of MJ in Germany and other parts of the world back in 2009? Strange how he has come back full circle to these particular stories! Seems kind of funny to me. I must say that he does seem to be kind of a dare devil, someone that is not afraid of being ridiculed or lashed out at by the public opinion. It takes a lot of guts to post such stories online. I'll say that much for him!

I found this information interesting: 

Quote " Part 1 of a 6-part World Exclusive Series"

What does it mean? Why six parts? What six parts is he referring to, and which part are we currently in? Definitely not the final part, too early for that one. Thinking aloud, I'm guessing: part one: preparing for "This is it" .. part two: "Death"... part three: "Funeral"/ Autopsy.. part four: investigation/ court/ Murray in jail .. part five: sightings! Are we in this stage?

Last but not least .. THE best story that caught my attention (again the number six!):

 Washington, D.C.  Six people reported seeing Jackson dart across a hallway while they toured the White House, with one reporting to the security office, “I would know Michael Jackson anywhere. He zipped across the hallway about 30 feet ahead of us, so fast that his fedora fell off and he had to turn around and pick it up.

“I was with a dozen other people and they were gawking at furniture and paintings. I made a fool of myself yelling, ‘Oh my God – Michael Jackson!’ – and then, poof! … he was gone.”

She later told Fenster-Claymore: “I think he’s living in the White House protected by President Obama and Mrs. Obama.’”
Five other tourists said they saw the man, too, and they confirmed that he “looked a lot like Jackson.”
All agreed that he was “flesh and blood,” says Fenster-Claymore. “This wasn’t a ghost they were seeing.”

The name Fenster Claymore makes me laugh! Seriously?!! The name is hilarious, in typical MJ style 

LOL!!! The above story supports my interpretation of "we have four years to get it right" ... With Murray out of jail soon, the elections over, 2013 just around the corner ... Is it finally time for the big reveal? Was he in the white house all this time!

Wishful thinking LOL 

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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Thiller The Comeback Part II

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Nov 21 12 5:07 PM

Hi Su!

Yes, I also liked the White House story when I read it. It would be good if those witness could be identified and pulled into the limelight. I also noticed the fact that this series was in six parts and when I looked about, I was surprised that it didn't seem to go anywhere. It was supposed to be posted each Saturday I think but seemed to fizzle out completely and nothing more said. Very odd. I'm not sure what was happening there. Re: the 'sightings', I liked the one about the visit to the hospital to bring money for the operation too but the one where he appeared as a vision over the lake to perform a rescue was the odd one out in this run of stories. I am interested to read this book anyway. I agree with you Su, that the timing is good, with all the things that have come to pass and definitely the name Fenster Claymore, reminds me of the dodgy witness names that were posted on the lawyer's website when Murray was arrested (remember those)?

Always look on the bright side of life!

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#4 [url]

Nov 24 12 10:12 AM

How can I not remember Sunny  

I agree with you Sunny, I really find that name very odd, to say the least, and yes, it goes hand in hand with the other weird names thrown at us. The story you are referring to is clearly very hard to believe, it's like something out of a science fiction drama! Odd, really odd. I'm interested in reading that book too. I loved the part where they say "(Editor’s Note: The children’s parents are quoted extensively in Fenster-Claymore’s book, but, through an agreement with the publisher, we can’t share their account until he book has been released later this year.) " clearly this is someone trying to promote the book!  

I didn't want to start a new topic, so I'll just mention it here. I watched the Bad 25 documentary by Spike Lee, and I was utterly disappointed with it! I was thinking it was going to be something really WOW, but it wasn't. I cannot for the life of me understand why Spike would pick people like Kanye West, Chris Brown or Cee Lo Green to talk about Mike. These three are a different generation than Mike, they barely know him, so why on earth pick them to go on and on and on?! It just doesn't make sense. Was it because they are well known to this generation? Not a good choice! .. On the other hand, I loved seeing Branca and the people that actually worked with him back in the day in that documentary because they spoke about real life experiences they had with Mike. All in all, IMO it's not a strong documentary and I am not happy with it at all. I feel it's high time for someone to shed the light on the philanthropic side of Mike and let the world get to see what he did to change the lives of others, the vision he had for a world full of peace, love and positive energy ...the human side of Michael .. the side that not many people had a chance to witness. I think the genius side of him needs no further ado, because it speaks for itself and no one can do anything to further translate or explain the gigantic talent he has, I personally think there will be no one ever like him again, and I also think that's the very reason Spike Lee's documentary is receiving the poor ratings it is today. Sad.

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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