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Aug 27 12 5:13 PM

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What do you guys think?  

Posted on August 26, 2012 by AWKMDThe Truth is I was never bankrupt but  I was embezzled primarily by Muhammad Khilji and Jason Pfeiffer.I reported my huge embezzlement to the Beverly Hills Police, Laguna Beach Police as well as eventually the LAPD. I was then told by 3 bankruptcy attorneys the quickest way to have my case heard was by declaring bankruptcy.  Once in bankruptcy court Judge Richard Neiter and my Attorney David Neal( who guaranteed my cases would be swiftly heard) I learned held Stock in Private Bank  of California. This is the  very same bank through which most of my funds were embezzled. Long before he admitted he held stock In Private Bank of California Judge Neiter  bifurcated my case such that after a year and a half not a single adversarial case has been heard. While Neiter should have recused himself  he just moved the bankrutcy forward. While I begged my attorneys to do so not a single one has shown the integrity, moral principles and honesty to ask for his recusal. Then based on a totally fraudulent loan (I never signed it, it has the wrong  address of my Laguna house, is made by a lawyer I never hired and is based on an illegal attempted  sale of my home, ) Judge Neiter  appointed a Trustee, Bradly Sharp. My Attorney at the time Peter Lively I later learned was in collusion with the Trustee when together they with held my SSI. When Nieter appointed a Trustee he accused me of living “High on the Hog.” Of all the horrific  events that have occurred during this totally insane bankruptcy the verbal racist ridicule directed at me by Judge Richard Neiter is the most vile and painful of them all. According to Jewish law, pork is one of a number of foods forbidden from consumption by Jews. These foods are known as “non-kosher” foods. In order for a meat to be kosher, it must first come from a kosher animal. A kosher animal must be a ruminant and have split hooves therefore cows, sheep, goats and deer are all kosher, whereas camels and pigs (having each only one sign of kashrut) are not kosher.The pig is the only common livestock animal that has split hooves but which is not a ruminant – its external aspect makes it appear kosher, while it is not. During the persecutions of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the Greeks forced the Jews to slaughter pigs in the Jerusalem temple, which did not improve the image of pork. Moreover, the Roman legion X Fretensis, that undertook the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 68, had a boar for an emblem, sealing its fate as a symbol of everything contrary to Judaism. Maimonides, the Jewish philosopher and legal codifier, who was also court physician to the Muslim sultan Saladin in the twelfth century, understands the dietary laws chiefly as a means of keeping the body healthy. He argued that the meat of the forbidden animals, birds, and fish is unwholesome and indigestible. According to Maimonides, at first glance, this does not apply to pork, which does not appear to be harmful. Yet, Maimonides observes, the pig is a filthy animal and if swine were used for food, marketplaces and even houses would be dirtier than latrines. Stewart Lee Allen, In” the Devil’s Garden: A Sinful History of Forbidden Food.”  relates  to the torment of European Jews (by the use of and reference to pigs andpork) by the Catholic Church, particularly during the Spanish Inquisition, right down to Hitler and his Nazis. . During the Bankruptcy hearing when Judge Neiter accused me of “Living high on the Hog” as the son of an Orthodox Rabbi this was singularly the worst verbal insult I have ever experienced. To follow this with  his totally  unsupported  appointment of a Trustee who has gone on to illegally withhold  both my critical medication and my living expenses has made me wonder at times if I am not in Auschwitz like Ellie Weisel with the number A-7713 tatooed on my arm. I am Arnold W. Klein, M.D., the doctor  who  pioneered the entire field of cosmetic dermatology and has raised over $300 million for HIV research. I have raised millions for breast cancer research and I was a member of the group that the discovered the first human gene. 

I have maintained a successful practice for more than 37 years and  will not let this dishonest judge take everything I own and throw me on the streets. Just remember the man who they allowed to embezzle my funds is a Pakistani National who was working in tandem with a Muslim who is head of a group affiliated with Hamas. They were allowed to commit bank fraud. This is exactly why we have banking laws against fraud  and how 9/11 and Mumbai were financed!        Now if you look at the Website of Private Bank of California  you will see among their directors members of a law firm Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca. Yes this is John Branca who signed Michael during the last few days of his life. And this is very same Attorney Mr Jackson fired in 20o2 because of total dishonesty. 

Regarding reports about me to the Medical Board  were do to the actions of Jason Pfeiffer,Muhammad Khilji and David Rish. I have reported them all  for violating HIPAA and getting Kimberly Wilson to investigate me based on totally spurious claims regarding my health. If the above was not enough Bradly Sharp the Trustee appointed by Neiter  has illegally  claimed a painting owned by my corporation with the assistance of the Asst. District Attorney of LA. Also Bradly Sharp and my bankruptcy  attorney Peter Lively have illegally  withheld my SSI causing an emergency hospitalization While Chartis my insurance company  had been paying my alternative living expenses (ALE)which have no limit according to my policy.  However, when Bradly Sharp became the  Trustee he swiftly fired Jeremy Oscher and caused my ALE to stop.  I was forced to move into another residence  70 miles from my office, while my Aunt Helene must live in the apartment over the garage at the So. Windsor home that has yet to be restored from the fire. .However because of electrical problems with no air conditioning the temperature in that apartment has risen to over 100 degrees. The work men, or others, who were up there have also left it total filthy. I now have a 76 year old aunt who cannot remain in this location because of the heat and she is unable to navigate the stairs. Furthermore the Trustee  Bradley Sharp has totally halted the rebuilding of my  residence at 553 S Windsor Blvd. If this sounds like a terrible tale my work is better than ever and with a few incredible friends like Frank Gehry,John Baldessari, Cher, David Rae, David Geffen and Richard and Laurie Stark. I know their is  a light that will lead out of this situation. What they want to stop is the book I have already written. I was close to many people in my life and plan to continue my work until they drag me away.  The Book about Michael is done and all the lies they said about me were to prevent me from writing it. He was a gifted  genius in the fields of  dance, music and performance art but they took advantage of him. They are again  trying to take advantage of me again just like Irena Medavoy. Well I have strength and will survive. As per Brian Lourde please don’t blame Carrie just ask her for the truth if you even remember what that is these days? Maybe your dear friends Phillip Frederick  Anschutz and his wife  Nancy know the answer.

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Aug 29 12 10:38 AM

The page has been removed by him it seems. He get's crazier by the day. The next thing we know is he'll probably say his website was hacked and it wasn't him that wrote/ posted it! I'm sick of all the madness, lies and nastiness. 

I've reached the conclusion that no matter how much we dig, we are just scratching the surface. It's useless, we will never know what happened unless someone in the know wants us to, and clearly they don't want us to know for reasons of their own .. it's just a cat and mouse game. I hate it and refuse to be treated in such a way. There's more to life than this. 

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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