Jul 30 12 4:37 PM

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Here is a copy of the 2nd Estate Accounting.  


This is my question and concern:  It was reported in July 2010 that the Estate made 1 billion dollars.  Now it is being reported that over the last 3 plus years, the Estate has made 497 million.  How could that be right?

People who are hoaxers know that Michael was on the other side of the country on July 7, 2002 when he was said to have signed his will.  However, the MJ fan community say the point is mute, the Estate have lived up to expectations and more.  But I wonder.  It seems from the account report that they are looking to earmark major dollars for their own advancement.  How long does an executorship last because it appears that this accounting is in an effort to request an additional year for unfinished business.  

The Estate also reported this month that all of Michael’s bills were basically paid off.  But this report says otherwise.  Maybe I’m confused.  I am certainly no accountant.  Perhaps someoen her can shed some light on it because I am confused as hell.

Let me know what you think.