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Apr 30 12 4:41 PM

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...and that makes me sad.

When I come here and find the forum empty, it stirs up emotions in me that I felt when this tragi-drama first unfolded.  This place use to be full of excitement and great anticipation.  Friends were made and friends were lost.  We were here for each other come hell or high water.  Comradery at its most high.  To see that it has all but fallen by the wayside discourages me.  Where do I go now?  What do I do with all my thoughts and my hopes and my fears?  I just don’t know 

I do know in my heart that the reason for this forum being started did not change and that Michael is still somewhere in the world and he knows that we still believe in him.  My only regret and fear is that we possibly will never see him again.  This is where loving at a distance is put to the real test.  This is where the phrase “if you love someone, let them go… if it was meant to be he will come back to you” fits perfectly.  But I’d have to add to that quote by saying, if he doesn’t believe in his ability to know what’s best and know in your heart that he is okay.  That’s all we can do.

So this is my last post until and unless the forum gets back to where it use to be.  I feel like a child lost in a desert and my survival instincts are gearing up for the long road ahead.  I only hope along the way that I will not run into stumbling blocks, and that my intuition will not misguide me, and that my belief in Michael as a person wise enough to save himself at the risk of losing everything else does not turn out to be just a dream that I will awake from.  I am following him because I’ve always believed that Michael is the real Peter Pan.  It’s a journey and I’m in it to win it.

Love you guys to pieces.  Missing you much    

Take care of yourselves.  Always give love unconditionally.  And live life today as if tomorrow will never come the way Michael did.  He loved us regardless of anything else he was going through.  God Bless and take care of him.  Michael was our gift from God.  If we never see him again, we have all the love he left for us. He is immortal.


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Thriller Comebacker

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May 2 12 8:48 AM

The End ? Or is it a new beginning?  They are still some very good MJ Forums out there to participate in the discussion....but besides that....

There are some things then you can try... How about auditing an acting class? How about some dance? How about some singing? How about some sports?

How about doing something different which you lead you to other paths?...

How about "awakening" those thing that you thought it was not possible?

Dare to dream... to connect with others.. use Michael's Music and artistry to go places you haven't gone before... make it a journey that you won't forget...

Sending you huge hugs live4me...and wishing you the best always.  We all share a connection thru Michael....and he is very close to you..more then you think..  Funky.

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Jul 5 12 7:55 PM

I never thought I would be posting again, but for some strange reason, I find myself here again. I've missed most of you and have been thinking about you a lot. As far as I'm concerned, the journey never ended, I think it never will, it just gets extremely frustrating at times, we get caught up in life and whatever drama is presented to us on a daily basis, and we find ourselves going back into our comfort zones because we don't want to be hurt any more. We have come a long way since 2009, I think those who understand what this was/ is all about have matured individually in their own special way. This "hoax" or whatever you wish to call it, has changed the lives of millions, I think for the better; which is good. It was a good and much required wake up call, and it did bring us all together. I enjoyed sharing tears of happiness and sorrow with you guys, I enjoyed being able to express what I could not express to others in "the real world" because we share the same beliefs. I still think of Mike continuously, not one day has gone by without him being on my mind, but I have learned to let go. I know he did the right thing, but then again I wish he could have been more stronger and not taken this path. It saddens me deeply that he had to do this, but then again who am I to judge him, for all I know, we only know a small percentage of what really happened. The most important thing is living life to it's fullest, taking one day at a time. People come, others go, but friendships last forever. I have made great friends in this forum, some I am still in touch with on a frequent basis. I love them with all my heart. I miss you Sunny, and love you with all my heart. I miss you live4me, your post was like a magnet that brought me back. Funky, I've missed your beautiful posts, Ralu, Hopefull, Katherine...I could go on forever. I love this forum, I miss ALL it's members. I hope we can come back and post more frequently and exchange views and opinions and empower each other. As Mike said: it's all for L.O.V.E .. it was never about anything else.

Hugs and God bless you all .. I miss you 

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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Thiller The Comeback Part II

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Jul 12 12 6:33 AM

Hi Su!! So glad you came back! There are still a few die-hard believers hanging around. I won't give up until the end of 2012. For some reason, the smileys aren't working for me, so big hugs!! 

Always look on the bright side of life!

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