Feb 20 12 4:12 PM

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It makes me wanna scream.  How dare he after all the shady under the table deals he has tried to make just to get Michael’s money!  He is known to have openly conceded that he returned 5.2 million dollars back to Michael’s estate. Saying it was money he was “holding” for Michael to buy some damn property.  PLEASE!  Truth be known, it wasn’t Tohme's money to hold in the first place. It was Michael’s.  I guess he thinks people are so stupid that they don’t take the time to research and read.  I know that as a part of the AEG contract agreement, Michael’s Artisco company was advanced a loan of 6.2 million dollars guaranteed by promissory note using Michael’s business assets as collateral.  So in fact Thome still owes 1 million to them since the concerts never commenced.  Tohme was willing to risk EVERYTHING MICHAEL JACKSON OWNED through Artisco and Michael Jackson, LLC for a measely 6.2 million dollars. He obviously kept that money and was using it for himself and HAD TO REPAY IT less he got his ass beat or worse.  HE IS A CROOK.  I hope they get to the bottom of this and he goes to jail.