Sep 13 11 3:12 PM

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This is very eye opening.

AEG contends it had no prior knowledge of Murray’s plan of care for Michael, though they received an itemized list of things Murray needed to care for Michael.

AEG contends they didn’t hire Murray, that he was hired as per Michael’s request.  I don’t know if I can agree with that since it has come to light that Michael never signed a contract for Murray’s services.  If Michael was Murray’s boss, AEG could not have commanded that Murray get Michael in shape to attend his performances or else… Michael would have been the one giving the directives.  In the contract, you will see that AEG instructed Michael not to see any other doctors and that Murray had free will to do what ever it took even and up to altering the care if it wasn’t working.  Murray was told unconditionally that his job was to get Michael to practices. Michael had no say so.  Reminds me of the phrase I read in an eyeopening article “undervalued asset”.

Tohme Tohme was “added” as a covered employee in Michael’s insurance rider.  And Michael, obviously unknowingly, was contracted to pay Tohme 100,000 per month for his services.  

Per contract, Michael was also responsible for ALL of the performance fees.  ALL OF THEM!

AEG purposely withheld signing the contract for Murray’s services so they would not be held liable for lying to the insurance company about knowing what Murray was giving Michael.  Surely they did not disclose he was being given propofol to get to sleep every night.  Remember how they kept dragging their feet on sending the results of Michael’s physical to Lloyds?  Apparently AEG was trying to wait until they got to London to do it.  However,  Lloyd’s sent an underwriter to watch Michael’s rehearsal at the Staples Center unannounced, and they were alarmed by what they saw and demanded that Michael get an independent medical by a doctor of their choosing before they would consider adding a medical ryder to the insrance policy. This forced them to have to back sign Murray’s contract which I’m sure threw a monkey wrench in their plan to appear nill.  Ad probably angered them to have to go against their plan.

And so on, and so on.

This is heavy stuff.  Please read and comment.  I hope Murray finds enough balls to save his own ass.  Somehow I feel a sting in the making.  I certainly hope so.  Itis high time that the big music moguls understand thatpeople are human beings, no matter how many “assets” they have and should be treated as such.  Their lives are far more valuable than their things.