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Sep 12 11 5:47 PM

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Jermaine Jackson's New Book - You are Not Alone - Serialised Exclusively in The Times

LONDON, September 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --
On 25th June 2009 Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, tragically died. 2 years on, his brother Jermaine Jackson has written a touching memoir of his brother's life and death.
In his book, which is exclusively serialised in The Times starting this Saturday, Jermaine Jackson gives an unrivalled insight into Michael's mental state and his health before he died and answers some of the questions we have all been asking.
What really happened behind the scenes during the molestation trial?
What would have happened if he had been convicted?
How did the family react to his death and how are they coping after 2 years?
And as Conrad Murray goes on trial in California, what does he really think about Michael's doctor?
In an exclusive interview for the Saturday Magazine Andrew Billen meets Jermaine Jackson at Hayvenhurst, the Jackson's family compound outside LA. It was here that Michael, Jermaine and the Jackson clan spent their youth and it was to here that the siblings retreated with their parents after Michael's death.
Speaking to Andrew, Jermaine offers a unique view of Michael as a father and a brother, his relationship with women and fights back in an attempt to counter the myths against his brother.
Don't miss the first of two exclusive extracts from Jermaine Jackson's new book - You Are Not Alone - plus a revealing interview, only in The Times and at this Saturday. The serialisation continues in The Times, in-paper and online, next week.

SOURCE News International

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mcl mj


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Sep 12 11 5:49 PM

 Bulletin de Pearljr   (il y a 1 jour)

As confirmed on page 43 of "You Are NOT Alone" by Jermaine Jackson, Michael's middle name is JOE as confirmed on "his birth certificate"--So why ALL death documents say JOSEPH, which is NOT his LEGAL name and makes ALL those documents invalid?? Katherine, Latoya and now Jermaine ALL verify this FACT!

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Sep 15 11 6:48 PM

Was Michael Jackson almost in WTC on 9/11?

Brother Jermaine says singer overslept and missed appointments on day of attacks


IMAGE: Jermaine Jackson
Andreas Rentz  /  Getty Images file
Jermaine Jackson says his brother, Michael, was scheduled to hold meetings in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001 but overslept.
Access Hollywood
updated 9/14/2011 1:11:11 PM ET 2011-09-14T17:11:11


Jermaine Jackson’s new book, “You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through a Brother’s Eyes,” is a look at his late brother Michael’s rise to fame and tragic death.
In a new interview, Jermaine gave Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush a preview of the candid memoir where he revealed that his brother was supposed to be in The World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.
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“My mother had stayed up with him all the way until four in the morning and he just slept; he missed his appointments, which was great,” Jermaine told Billy, saying Michael — a long time sufferer of sleep deprivation — had planned to attend meetings in the Twin Towers that day.
“My mother told us that he was fine,” Jermaine recalled.
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The brother of the late pop star also opened up to Billy about Michael’s alleged drug use.

”[Michael] was not a drug addict,” Jermaine told Billy.
Story: Jackson estate sends $30 million to mother, kids Following a harrowing accident while filming a commercial for Pepsi in 1984, where the singer suffered second-degree burns, Michael began a battle with chronic pain and a search for ways to treat it.
VIEW THE PHOTOS: Michael Jackson’s Children
“He had a problem with pain,” Jermaine said of his brother, who died in 2009, leaving behind three children, Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and 9-year-old Blanket.
“[He] didn’t want them exposed all over the tabloids so he covered them,” he told Billy.
VIEW THE PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Death Investigation: Who’s Who?
In the book, Jermaine writes that it was Michael’s ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, who first wanted the children to shield their faces while in public.
Story: Kiss pulled from Jackson tribute concert lineup “Then we knew at some point in time they wanted to unveil and just be kids and so that’s what they’re going through now, they’re having a ball,” he explained.
“What about his children right now? Do you see Michael in any of them physically? Resemblance-wise?” Billy asked.
“I see Michael in Blanket, I see other family members in Paris and Prince,” Jermaine said.
The former Jackson 5 member also spoke about his brother’s 1993 sexual abuse allegations, claiming, “Michael paid them off because this is what they wanted… [it was his way of saying,] ‘Leave me alone because I didn’t do anything, and that [the pay-off] goes to show you.”
Tune in for Jermaine’s interview with Billy on Sept. 14 on Access Hollywood and part two on Sept. 15.

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Sep 15 11 7:00 PM

Piers Morgan Tonight

Get To Know Piers Morgan

READ about Piers Morgan's long career in journalism here. WHEN does "Piers Morgan Tonight" air internationally? LISTEN and subscribe to our free podcast.

Jermaine Jackson talks Michael

Jermaine Jackson sits down with Piers for an emotional hour – about his brother Michael Jackson, family life growing up, Dr. Conrad Murray and more.

Piers Morgan's in-depth interview with Jermaine Jackson airs Thursday at 9pmET/PT, and the singer opens up about his new book, his family life and his brother, Michael Jackson. "For Michael to get sleep he had to be knocked out," he said. "This wasn't just this one night, this was administered in him on an ongoing basis which was causing his body to deteriorate."
Jermaine also discusses Dr. Conrad Murray specifically, who goes on trial later this month.
"The first time I saw Conrad Murray was in the hospital when my brother was dead," said Jackson of Murray. "I just didn't have a good feeling."
Watch the full, emotional hour, Thursday 9pmET/PT.

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Thriller Comebacker

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Sep 23 11 7:09 AM

Well, "Michael Joseph Jackson" has indeed pass away.

The said:  "death is part of the life cycle", they also said: Death is just the beginning....

For me, Michael is "alive" cuz I keep him safe within my heart and I communicate with others his music, his messages, new generation will keep discovering him..he has started a never ending cycle..thus becoming INMORTAL.

Death is relative to me now.. Michael will be truly dead if his music stops being play, his history erase.. our we stop celebrating him.

Someone who has change the landscape as he has in many ways.. I really, really find hard to believe he will ever died.

That is the truth for me..and I truly hope for you.

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