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Apr 23 11 6:20 PM

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The publicity, the embezzlement, the defamation, the whole story
By Arnold klein md

What is the point here ? The point is Harvey Levin is a totallydishonest human being who knew very well I had no part in the death ofMichael Jackson. He knew very well Steven Hoefflin had been reported tobe responsible for Michael's addiction. Furthermore, my lawyer, HowardWeitzman, Harvey Levin's closest friend, was fully aware of Hoefflin'sbehavior. When AEG hired Michael Jackson and Murray as his doctor theyenabled an individual totally unfamiliar with the proper administrationof this drug to give Mr Jackson Propofol every night. Frank DeLeo waspresent in Gothenburg Sweden where Hoefflin was giving Michael Propofol.Finally my lawyer Richard Charmley (together with Brad Boyer) illegallyreleased Michael Jackson's medical records in court to get the $55,000owed to me paid. This was done not to get me paid but to allow Murray toknow what I did and keep news reporters at my office andhomes.Additionally Charmley had told me that Mr Phillips of AEG wantedto work with me, Within a week I received a full copy of Michael'srecords sent to me mistakenly by Charmley. Richard Charmley also emaileda copy of these records to Randy Phillips according to individual's atAEG. Furthermore, Charmley was closely involved with Muhammed Khilji,Jason Pfeiffer, in embezzling over 10 million dollars from me. Tocontinue the insane publicity enabled them to keep me away from myoffice and steal more and more money.Muhammed Khilji is a PakistaniMoslem. These people use a monetary transfer method called Hawala whichwas used to subsidize 9/11 and Mumbai. This is a terrorist act and theway Muhammed embezzled my funds and forced into bankruptcy. Thisbankruptcy will not prevent me from practicing but it is beyond mycomprehension that both Andrew Whorton and Michael DeGeus of thehomeland security division of the Secret Service have not been of anyassistance to me in dealing with this situation.To whom may concernMuhammed Khilji began to embezzle funds from me shortly after he washired in 2007. By 2009 he had illegally withdrawn 2 million dollars frommy retirement fund at Ameritrade. Jeff Zone and Claudia Peltier my oldaccountants had remained responsible for this retirement fund and yetsimply sent me two letters that were registered warning me of thesewithdrawals.[] Furthermore I never saw these letters in that eitherMuhammed Khilji or Jason Pfeiffer stole them from my mailbox.[/b]Ultimately, Muhammed would deplete my entire retirement fund of 3.2million dollars. Bill Seki who had interviewed Jeff and Claudia feltthey had no responsibility. This makes sense because anyone can easilyreach me on my cell phone or call the beach house. Furthermore, Muhammedwas whom they sold their accounting practice to and he had already takenmoney from many of their clients. Also at one time Muhammed went brokeand defaulted on his SBA loan. Why did Jeff and Claudia never warn theirclientsOn one afternoon in Laguna Beach Muhammed Khilji came to my house. Itwas quite unexpected in that i had just experienced a severe illness..He arrived with several people I did not know Even though i am disabledhe demanded my assistant Dan and my friend Steve to leave the house. Hebrought with him two(2) specific documents he at one time discussed withme. However he knew of my recent illness and their arrival on this daywas inappropriate. I was very fatigued!. One was a document giving Jason and Muhammed power of health decisionsif necessary and a change to my will giving Dan and Steve variousthings. Unbeknownst to me Muhammed added a codicil to item 4.1. Thisremoved without my knowledge my entire family from my will. The notaryhas 2 documents, these two, being notarized. understanding I signed onegiving Jason and Muhammed health decision rights and the other changingmy will.There is a third document I supposedly signed on that day thatgave Jason and Muhammed power of attorney. i must remind you that at ameeting with City National bank with 10 attendees in Jan 2010 I toldeveryone in attendance that my rule of life was no one could ever sign alegal document other than me. The Will I signed on that day seem to saythe 27th not the 20th. Philip Boesch has reviewed these documents andfeels they have been tampered with while Bill Seki said to the SecretService and Senator XXXX. these documents put my entire case inquestion, he has never said this to me. How can he possibly ignore theretirement fund depletion, the illegal signature cards at both Privateand Excel bank. How could he ignore the fact they put my laguna housefor sale? Did he ignore the illegal settlement they made with Medicis.The answer is yes. Furthermore, he never returned my phone calls. Whatis obvious is he was purposely attempting to sabotage my situation. Inlight of this event and his total inability to return my phone calls Ifire Mr Seki with the statement I will report this to the authorities .He could be working for someone and this person is not me. This happenedto me when Allergan despite my work with the Justice Department and theFBI I was excluded from the whistleblower case. I simply think in thissituation Seki is gone to the other side, I will take time to regroupbut i must tell you despite what the government laws say on both thelocal and federal levels the lack of action regarding my identity theftmakes no sense. It has become quite obvious that local office of thesecret service plans to do nothing so I will take my case to the FederalLevel. Furthermore I feel both Mr Degeus and Whorton of the Los AngelesSS office who acted so swiftly\in a case involving a famousactress-singer have done nothing for me. Furthermore, if a Colorado mancan sue two Secret Service agents who arrested him after he touchedformer Vice President **** Cheney on the arm in 2006 i can sue these twofor lack of action.Please note in this specific case where MuhammedKhilji increased the number of my bank accounts from 4 to 40 andinterwired between accounts is called Hawala which is a terrorist actaccording to US Treasury department….Please note that Jason andMuhammed were selling stories about me and my relationship with MichaelJackson to the media at this time to distract my attention. Additionallymy lawyer Richard Charnley broke Hippa by releasing Michael Jackson'swhen he asked for payment. Furthermore, Charnley was in contact with AEGand released my medical records to them.Sincerely,Arnold KleinMDProfessor of Medicine and Dermatology UCLA

Things are getting sticky.  Finger pointing and name calling has begun.  Interesting these revelations about theft, fraud, terrorists, Muslims and fake wills are surfacing now.

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Apr 23 11 8:49 PM

As much as I hate commenting on posts like these, I feel it is necessary to point out a few obvious things that dont make sense (the entire post is a disaster, but debunking it can be done easily!)
First, I dont believe this is a post by Klien. My comments are in bold:

He knew very well Steven Hoefflin had been reported to be responsible for Michael's addiction. Furthermore, my lawyer, Howard Weitzman, Harvey Levin's closest friend, was fully aware of Hoefflin's behavior. (Howard Weitzman is not Arnie Klien's lawyer.) 

Frank DeLeo was present in Gothenburg Sweden where Hoefflin was giving Michael Propofol. (Frank's name is spelled wrong, Arnie would definately not make such a mistake. Michael and Hoefflin and Dileo were in Sweden? I dont ever recall reading that anywhere)

Finally my lawyer Richard Charmley (together with Brad Boyer) illegally released Michael Jackson's medical records in court to get the $55,000owed to me paid. (He just confirmed his lawyer was Weitzman, now he changed it to say Richard is his lawyer! The medical documents were forwarded to court by no other than Klien, he cannot deny everything now!)


This was done not to get me paid but to allow Murray to know what I did and keep news reporters at my office and homes. Additionally Charmley had told me that Mr Phillips of AEG wanted to work with me, Within a week I received a full copy of Michael's records sent to me mistakenly by Charmley. Richard Charmley also emailed a copy of these records to Randy Phillips according to individual's at AEG. (No comment, this speaks volumes and is clearly another big lie!)


(Hawala is an Arabic word meaning MONEY TRANSFER, it has absolutely no other meaning), please dont believe everything you read, and this word can be easily looked up in any dictionary! 

By 2009 he had illegally withdrawn 2 million dollars from my retirement fund at Ameritrade. Jeff Zone and Claudia Peltier my old accountants had remained responsible for this retirement fund and yet simply sent me two letters that were registered warning me of these withdrawals. Furthermore I never saw these letters in that either Muhammed Khilji or Jason Pfeiffer stole them from my mailbox. (Does this even make sense, its not credible) 


Even though I am disabled he demanded my assistant Dan and my friend Steve to leave the house. He brought with him two(2) specific documents he at one time discussed with me. However he knew of my recent illness and their arrival on this day was inappropriate. I was very fatigued! (Arnie Klien is not disabled!)


Please dont believe everything you read, people are playing games .. some of them are scary and have very evil intentions. 


Here is a link with similar correspondance, and it clearly doesnt make sense at all. In case you are wondering, I found it on Google after entering the title of above article in the search engine:




How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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#2 [url]

Apr 23 11 9:20 PM

Who do you think would go through all this trouble and why to put all this information out there?  It was posted as having been on Arnie’s facebook page.  Do you think it’s been hacked?  I don’t do Facebook.  Can someone check it out?  How dreadful.

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#3 [url]

Apr 23 11 9:39 PM

live4me, I've been trying to figure out if this is actually his post, I sure dont think its him. I checked his Twitter account, nothing unusual there, and he has a site he's posted on Twitter that has FB, I clicked on the link but it didnt work, tried to log in, didnt work either. Strange to say the least! Still, as mentioned I dont think its Klien. Here is his Twitter:!/awkmd and here is the link to his site:

On the same note, I did find this link to be very strange (its on the link I posted earlier) the photobucket is saved in a foregin language (maybe Russian?) .. I'm guessing TNZ are behind this sick game. Here is the link I'm referring to, (I'll try uploading it too):

These games are dreadful, not to mention they completely freak me out!

Click here to view the attachment

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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#4 [url]

Apr 23 11 9:48 PM

Just found he has a blog too: 

I havent read it yet, but on first thought, one thing jumped to my mind: One of the questions on the jury selection questionaire asked if anyone had a blog. For some reason it rings a bell. Sigh, all of a sudden it seems to be all about Klein this week!

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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#5 [url]

Apr 23 11 11:18 PM

I'm convinced it's not AK on FB, but I cannot understand why this is happening! In addition, I guess the reason I couldn’t find the previous posts on FB is explained by the following comment posted on TMZ, (excerpt):

Angry at stupid people 1 day ago

Of course he had to tell this. Dame Elizabeth passed away and he´s remorseful. The note in which he denied Michael being gay was written the 31 March but it was ERASED from facebook weeks ago...Maybe he deleted the note because he knew he wasn´t being sincere?

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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#6 [url]

Apr 24 11 2:15 PM

I think someome is effing with Klein and getting into his confidential files.  I hope he’s not in any danger.

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#7 [url]

Apr 24 11 8:40 PM

There seems to be a disgusting battle of sorts going on between Klein and you name it, Philip Anschutz, Havrvey Levin, Hoeflin...etc, he's ranting like crazy on FB and some of the posts are very disturbing and sick! Here are a few posts that I can re-post here:

The Lying, the bitch and the concert tour

by Arnold W. Klein on Sunday, 24 April 2011 at 22:50
Philip Anschutz produced the movie of the Narnia Tales by CS Lewis. " The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" was the first. They are incredible allegorical tales of the battle between good and evil. Before Ed Limato died I gave him a draft of a book I was writing on Michael and still have it. All this week publishers have approached me, sometimes twice a day, interested in what I know. Ever have fried Chicken with Queen Elizabeth? Ever meet 2 Popes and 3 Presidents? Ever do 3 drug intervention? Ever know why a Will is forged? Well the advance got a little too high and the lies a bit to deep that i decided to get some cash by burying their trash. So watch out Philip,Randy,Howard, John and Harvey here I come. Oh Ps, Don't shoot me either cause the book is done!
the bitch

Philip Anschutz profited and was partially responsible for the Death of Michael Jackson

by Arnold W. Klein on Sunday, 24 April 2011 at 21:32
Philip Anschutz profited from the Death of Michael Jackson by selling tickets to concerts that would never take place and to the memorial at the Staples Center.By the nature of their contractual, joint-venture, and special relationship, AEG had legal duties to Michael Jackson to treat him safely and to not put him in harms’ way. But AEG, despite its knowledge of Michael Jackson’s physical condition and and his history of Propofol addiction breached those duties by putting its desire for massive profits from the tour over the health and safety of Michael Jackson. By employing an incompetent physician they served as enablers to the death of Mr Jackson ( Harvey please put this on TMZ if you care about the truth and have balls)

a bit too long in the Ring

by Arnold W. Klein on Sunday, 24 April 2011 at 11:18
In regards to the statement made by Harvey Levin today. I think he has  spent a bit too long in the Wrestling Ring. When you interviewed me over the phone after the Pfeiffer piece I told you I could not assure you of Michael's sexuality.Pfeiffer is not a buddy of mine ,maybe yours, not mine. however I felt I should make the world aware that the story Jason told was a fable. Now maybe you would do well to withdraw the statements you made agains me. Ask Howard how I was during the Botox® trial? I do quite well in court.
Harvey the great

Who targeted me

by Arnold W. Klein on Monday, 25 April 2011 at 06:50
 i know Howard Weitzman from the first molestation trial He  told  me then that  Hoefflin was crazy. He also refused to sign the first molestation settlement  which Johnny Cochran signed.,The case should never have been settltled.He represented me in  the Botox trial so  his present  position is a  conflict of interest. Michael was not himself the last 2 weeks of his life i assume because Murray had resorted to injecting him with Propofol into the muscle which is dangerous. Please watch this interview, send it to your friends , i will tell you more next week. But AEG enambled Murray to kill Michael

My last Facebook statement on Michael Jackson

by Arnold W. Klein on Sunday, 24 April 2011 at 02:48

Dear Arnold,

I am so very sorry about the torture the world is putting you through concerning Mr Jackson.I know both in Dubai and Paris you were not a vulture but a true friend. Because of my position please do not use my name until the time right. How dare that Lunatic Harvey Levin makes those statements about you.

Dr Arnold Klein- a Professor of Medicine and
Dermatology at UCLA, endowed chair in his name was a trustee of the heredity disease foundation, which found the first human gene and has been responsible for raising 320 million Dollars for HIV. You are considered the most innovative and famous cosmetic dermatologist. Hoefflin, who ruined my friends face, says you taught Murray to give Propofol. This is insane in that Hoefllin has been and out of mental treatment centers and was the individual responsible for addicting Michael to Propofol. “Klein Addicted Michael Jackson to Demerol” displays “Michael Jackson’s Medical records”…”Arnold Klein is a Drug Addict.” If Harvey makes such slanderous statements that caused your business to decrease immensely can you no sue him. I checked on the News Cast in front of your office and indeed It was hosted by AEG, Harvey Levin himself has a very questionable past. In 1994, Levin almost caused murder charges against Simpson to be tossed out, when he presented a video on KCBS-TV that allegedly showed prosecutor Marcia Clark searching Simpson's home before a search warrant was issued. Within days, however, Levin was forced to retract the story. Two years ago it should be noted TMZ had broken the news exclusively Michael Jackson had died at the age of 50. What was their exclusive source to get this story. It seems Harvey Levin is after you.
Maybe because the Will they are are using is so obviously fraudulent. I doubt they know you were in contact with Michael since he left Ireland.

And the rants go on and on!

Seems this is all about the book he referred to above, which he says he's about to publish!!! Anything for money! .. I hope they battle each other out, maybe then the truth will be revealed to us. Hollywood is a nightmare, it makes hell look like paradise!!

P.S: Laura Matook has liked everything he has posted, I wonder who the heck she is!???

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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#9 [url]

Apr 24 11 9:37 PM

Its written as mentioned in the article: Arnold W. Klein. If you go to his website you will find on the side a link to FB. Once you have joined you can log onto that site using your FB account.

Another one:

One Nation Under Greed: The FDA and me

by Arnold W. Klein on Monday, 25 April 2011 at 07:01

In the recent December 2010 issue of Vanity Fair articles both on the FDA and one on a doctor who was guilty of multiple cases of malpractice appeared. In the malpractice article they referred to an article concerning Irena and Michael Medavoy suing me,Anold Klein MD, over the treatment of her migraines with Botox. What follows is where I have been since the lawsuit.

One Nation Under Greed:

The FDA and me

Arnold Klein MD

From where does the power of Medicine arise? It is a power that is responsible for the creative motivation of this once lofty profession. Can it be found in the sacred Hippocratic Oath, which is one of oldest binding documents of mankind, or is it sequestered at the National Institutes of health, which is the steward of medical and behavioral research? Dr. Arnold Klein, a Beverly Hills Dermatologist and Professor of dermatology and medicine at UCLA is considered to be the founder of modern day facial aesthetics for his contributions to the field. He remains by all accounts at top of his field and Dr. Klein or ‘Arnie’ as his celebrity patients often call him also considers himself a modern day David in a world of Pharmaceutical Goliaths. He is a watchdog and whistleblower who has been punished repeatedly for his actions. He’s been removed from his posts as contributor for many medical journals after speaking out against certain products and pharmaceutical companies in defense of public safety. He continues to spread his word on the dangers of Dermatology by paying for his own lectures usually done guerrilla style by renting restaurants to host the event and college students to pass out flyers during conventions.

Dr. Klein has now turned his attention to the FDA in the hopes he can convince them to take a harsher stand on certain policies and to revamp their processes for approving new products and devices for Dermatology.

Dr. Klein, what is wrong with the FDA in your opinion?

Klein: Medicine is run by a triumvirate. First there is an organization that is hidden in the corridors of buildings in Silver Springs, Maryland. The organization of power is the US Food and Drug Administration known as the FDA. The FDA is fed by large sums of money, casually given to individuals who work there. The money comes not from the government, but rather from pharmaceutical companies. It is under the control of the big business which neither the Republicans or Democratd control You called it a ‘triumvirate” though; you’ve only mentioned two.

Klein: The triumvirate's missing links are the politically active physicians who control what appears in medical journals and who speaks at the FDA, as well as control what is presented at medical meetings.

What makes you feel that you are qualified to speak out on these subjects?

Klein: I first achieved distinction in the dermatologic world by developing the injection techniques for bovine collagen for use in wrinkles and facial scars. These techniques helped to get FDA approval for bovine collagen and launched the field of minimally invasive aesthetic enhancements in 1979. This discovery enabled me to speak at medical meetings in the USA and abroad. In 1984 I developed the injection technique for lip enhancement with bovine collagen.

You called the FDA a “Drug Cartel” recently. What did you mean by that?

Klein: When we use to hear of deaths of celebrities as well as anyone due to the use of drugs this was almost uniformly due tothe illicit drug market which spans our country. In recent years the enabling drug dealer is no longer the black market but the FDA itself. For example Oxycotin wasfirst marketed by Purdue Pharma starting in late 1995 .They apparently realized that marketing a product similar to heroin would be highly profitable. The FDA was well aware of Oxycontin’s limitations in the practice of medicine as well as Purdue’s marketing tactics, and was aware that the question of the risks exceeding the rewards for the use of Oxycontin. At present Oxycotin has flooded the medicine cabinets in every city and once it was widely distributed, it became increasingly used non-medically. An investigation uncovered an extensive, long-term conspiracy by The Purdue Frederick Company, Inc. to generate the maximum amount of revenues possible from the sale of Oxycontin through various illegal schemes. To resolve the criminal charges, Purdue pled guilty to a felony count of misbranding a drug with intent to defraud and mislead.

As part of the plea, Purdue will pay a $600 million settlement. That amount includes a criminal fine, restitution to government agencies, and over $276 million in forfeiture. In a separate civil settlement, Purdue will pay $100.6 million to the United States. In addition, Purdue’s current and former executive employees, Michael Friedman, Howard Udell and Dr. Paul Goldenheim, pled guilty to a misdemeanor violation of misbranding OxyContin by illegally promoting the drug as being less addictive, less subject to abuse, and less likely to cause tolerance and withdrawal than other pain medications. Never the less this drugs availability continues but in a different and supposedly safer form and the FDA plays on. While initially the death of my dear friend Michael Jackson was blamed on Oxycotin by family members and such noted medical specialists as Deepak Choprah. We all know now this was not the case. Mr. Jackson died as the result of the misuse of the intravenous sedative Propofol.,

While the FDA recommends that healthcare professionals who administer Propofol for sedation or general anesthesia carefully follow the recommendations for handling and use found in the current product labeling and the drug is so powerful that it is critical to have someone in attendance who has the ability to properly monitor a patient and rescue them should the patient’s breathing cease or some other critical failure occur. Furthermore, addiction to this drug has been noted. Yet any physician in the US can buy and use this agent. But while the problem of prescription drug abuse is significant in the USA the relative weakness of FDA control is one of most important forces behind this. Addiction. This is far from the only problem with the FDA.

How does that make the FDA a “Drug Cartel” though?

Klein: The FDA controls the approval process of all drug products. They knew exactly what Purdue was doing and why they were doing it; yet they did nothing to stop them and they approved the product. In addition they had the ability to put certain drugs under a ‘triplicate prescription’ yet they did not. In regard to Propofol this contributed to the death of Michael Jackson When did you start noticing problems in Dermatology with the FDA?

Klein: It’s been a long time. My issues with drugs and the FDA in my field of minimally invasive cosmetics and devices started off with Botox in 1989-1990. Doctors Alastair* and Jean Carruthers, who are Canadian citizens and unlicensed to practice medicine in the USA, have reported to the US medical community on the cosmetic applications of Botox. At that time Botox was considered an orphan drug. Physicians at Columbia University including Dr. Andrew Blitzer had also made this observation, but were advised by the members of the University not to publish it because of David Kessler.

Who is David Kessler?

Klein: David Kessler was appointed as FDA commissioner in 1990 by President George H. W. Bush. He won bipartisan approval of the appointment. Many of Kessler's actions were honest yet controversial, and he soon became more popular with Democrats than Republicans. He moved quickly to make the agency more efficient, cutting the time needed to approve or reject new drugs, including AIDS drugs, and more vigilant in protecting consumers against unsafe products and inflated label claims. The FDA under David Kessler began to investigate cosmetic devices; among them breast implants along with fillers. He investigated bovine collagen's possible link to causing arthritic-type illnesses and questioned the safety of permanent injectables.

On Feb. 28, 1992, the US Justice Department reacted against several doctors and admonished them about using injectable liquid silicone on their patients. One point was that this admonishment would later prove contradictory when injectable silicone was reintroduced for use in the eyes of individuals with Aids related Retinitis and physicians again began to use it cosmetically in the face. When Kessler left the FDA, though, things began to go wrong. During the mid-1990’s, various doctors lectured on Botox throughout the United States. I introduced Botox to Europe, South America and Asia. While abroad I viewed various fillers which were capable of causing disastrous results. Little did I know these agents would soon make their way into the USA on the shoulders of Pharmaceutical Companies, Political Physicians and device panel members. The FDA was now controlled by Big Pharma. In the 90’s Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox®, appointed a Botox® panel to teach and promote Botox® injection techniques and off-label uses through Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses. The doctors chosen included myself, Drs. Alastair* and Jean Carruthers, Dr. Andrew Blitzer, Dr. Nick Lowe, and Dr. Richard Glogau. Although the Carruthers had no green card nor US license to practice medicine, they began to practice medicine across the USA without seeing a need to obtain proper licensing. It should be noted that my glabellar injection points and dilution were adopted by Allergan and were used for its FDA clinical trials for that ultimately resulted in FDA approval of Botox . Allergan never credited me with this which I developed long before I was a consultant to the company.

A pattern soon developed post-Kessler wherein devices and drugs would be approved on a rapid track for use in HIV then heavily promoted by physician consultants for cosmeti use in HIV- individuals. One product that immediately comes to mind is the product Sculptra.

What happened with Sculptra?

Klein: Sculptra was an agent which was approved only for facial fat loss in HIV patients. Even in this population it caused reactions consisting of nodules and lumps. The reason is that it’s a synthetic agent that the body is unable to recognize. This causes the body to use its cells to build a wall around each of these synthetic fragments causing a foreignbody reaction or a clinical bump. Not one slide that exhibited how this agent behaved once injected was presented when this agent was being approved. Furthermore, why did the FDA allow the manufacturer to actively promote this agent in HIV negative patients when this was contrary to what the panel approved? ( slide 1). Sculptra was eventually approved for use in HIV- patients and continues to cause problems to this day.

What are some of the other problem products you are aware of?

Klein: In 2003, Dr. Alastair* Carruthers advised the use of Artecoll/Artefill in the American Society of Dermatological Surgery newsletter (Currents). This was one of the first widely promoted synthetic Injectables. In Europe and Canada, this agent proved to be a disaster. It was composed primarily of injectable Plexiglas suspended in a weak solution of collagen that quickly gets absorbed by the body leaving only the Plexiglas material t inside the skin!

One can imagine what it would be like to inject such a material under the skin; this creates again a granuloma around which is the walling off of a foreign material under the skin. As a result many patients who were injected with the Artecoll/Artefill product developed lumps in their face that had to be removed by surgery. Yet Dr. Carruthers not only advocated use of this product but helped to get it approved by the FDA! (slide2)

How did that happen?

Klein: Dr. Carruthers wrote in an issue of a dermatology newsletter Currents regarding the excellence of Artefill and in the same issue of Currents assembled an expert injection panel. They excluded me from this panel, yet I was the accepted world authority on Injectables. The Carruthers (according to their business manager) had decided to become the Botox and Filler authorities. What is not widely known is that Alstair* Carruthers was given at that time 35,000 shares of stock in Artes; the parent company of Artefill..I openly criticized the  promotion of Artecoll, in that world-wide it has been associated with scarring which can only be corrected by surgical excision. The human body does not know how to handle synthetic injectables like Artefill or silicone, so it walls them off and these sites become large lumps and sites of infection. Artefill was approved by the FDA based on statements made by Allistair Carruthers who, incidentally, failed to reveal his financial connection to Artes. I contacted Cecelia Watkins and Steven Rhodes at the FDA and asked why no data was presented on how the agent behaved once injected under the skin. Were they aware that Germany and Switzerland advised doctors not to use this product or why the European and Canadian history was not considered during the approval process? I never received an answer.

It sounds like a horrible product; why would anyone use it?

Klein: The filler’s package-insert promises that Artecoll/Artefill improves wrinkles by promoting collagen production and collagen development. There is no medical way that injecting Plexiglas is going to induce collagen production. In truth it promotes lumps caused by severe foreign body reactions. I even sent articles on Artecoll's experience in Europe to other members of the FDA. I later lobbied to have Artefill banned by being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. The company did eventually go bankrupt. In recent months I understand however that another company has acquired the product and that they are trying to reintroduce Artefill in the US.

How could the Carruthers have that much power to influence the FDA?

Klein: During 2000-03, Alistair and Jean Carruthers were injecting and working throughout the USA for various pharmaceutical companies, but majorly working for Allergan. Remember, they had neither a green card nor a license. I wondered if they even paid income tax? I openly complained to the American Academy of Dermatology and American Association of Dermatologic Surgery but the physician’s who control these organizations are, for the most, part politicians in the societies and they and the societies are controlled by Big Pharma. Basically, my complaints fell on deaf ears and later I was punished for complaining.

You stated that you were later punished. Could you expand on that?

Klein: In 2003, a Carruthers Article was sent to me for review prior to it being published in Dermatologic Surgery. It stated that dilution of Botox does not matter. This is contrary to findings of the FDA. The FDA reported that dilution was the greatest problem with the use of Botox. That is as the dilution increased, the more Botox would spread in the body, which could lead to disastrous results if the product reached areas it should not. The Carruthers’ article contained graphs which made no sense. I rejected the article so they simply altered the graphs and resubmitted it. William P Coleman III*, Editor In Chief ofmDermatologic Surgery who said it was impossible that they would have changed data. When I proved to him they had altered graphs and he invited me to write a counterpoint to the article.

One interesting connection to note is that Dr. Jean Carruthers lists in her 2003 CV which has now been removed from her website that William P. Coleman* was a graduate student she supervised. Dr. Coleman* would later ban me from publishing any articles in the journal he runs; Dermatologic Surgery and removed me from the Journal as ‘Filler Editor’ with no notice.

In 2004, the hyaluronic acid, Restylane, was approved by the FDA, followed by Hylaform, I had taught a series of courses for Medicis, Inc. on the proper hyaluronic acid injection (Restylane) technique.

The Carruthers and a select group of their friends wrote articles which took credit for my techniques of injection of hyaluronic acids and Botox. Remember that Dermatology journals would not let me publish at the time so they took full advantage of my censure.

You were one of the premiere Dermatologists at the time (and currently.) Were you recognized as such?

Klein: Yes. I received the first annual aesthetic award from Allergan in 2006.

What every happened with the Carruther’s article with the changed data?

Klein: In 2007 Dermatologic Surgery came out with a special issue on Botox®, sponsored by Allergan, in which was published the Carruthers’ article from 2003 that said dilution of Botox® did not matter. The article was not even updated to use the new name of the cosmetic form of the drug – Botox Cosmetic®. It still referred to the toxin as Botox®. This theory, if true, would increase sales and profitability of Botox® for Allergan in that physicians could just use large dilutions and not worry about its spread. Unfortunately, large dilutions of the toxin could cause it to reach unintended places which could be lethal depending on the amount used and the location it was injected.

Also in that journal is an article by the Carruthers it states that a type B toxin called Myobloc®, was safe and effective. Interestingly, they tried initially to include my name on this manuscript which I had never seen. Solstace who is the manufacturer of Myobloc ®®offered me $10,000 to use my name for the article. I refused. I later found out that this manuscript was, in fact, written by the vice president of Solstace. I requested that data showing potentially severe adverse effects of Myobloc® be included and that which indicated a greater toxicity. They refused to provide the data. I later complained in a counterpoint letter to the Dermatologic Surgery Journal about the forged data and the fact that the manufacturer had attempted to add my name and another doctor's name to the list of authors on the article on Myobloc®.

What happened with that counterpoint letter?

Klein: Nothing. On May 13, 2007, Dr. William Coleman*, the editor of the journal who had initially offered me the opportunity to write a counterpoint article decided to not publish my counterpoint article. He personally, responded to me instead of publishing it. In the letter he again came to the rescue of his former instructor (Jean Carruthers) and brushes off the authorship and payment issues of the article. In a letter, the Carruthers defended the removed data calling it “confusing ” The only reason it was “confusing” was that it showed that their study was entirely faulty.

Did you contact anyone else?

Klein: Yes. I made an appointment with David Pyott, who is the CEO of Allergan; the manufacturer of Botox® . I wanted to talk about my great concern that they had made Alastair Carruthers* their Aesthetic Czar and especially since he was the lead author on both the Myobloc ®and Botox® articles. We specifically talked about the forged data at that time. Mr. Pyott indicated that they had only supported the journal and had no control over content.

Yet the publication was an Allegan special edition.

Wouldn’t you think given that it was a special edition for Allergan that they’d have at least SOME say into it?

You would think so. What was going on in the world of Botox at that time?

Klein: Allergan was also very involved in buying licensing agreements on toxins other than Botox to see how they behaved in the market. Allergan had 15 lobbyists in Washington, DC. I then wrote a letter to Allergan complaining about how I was being treated, about the forged data, and that the company had promised me long ago that I would be their filler expert. They had instead, selected other physicians.

What did Allergan say about that?

Klein: They countered with the notion that I had almost lost the Botox Trial (Note: the Irena Medavoy trial) due to my testimony and demeanor, and that I was “out of control" when the trial began.(article in Vaniity Fare.)\. This was ridiculous. Judge Chavez who presided over the trial has stated that my testimony essentially won the 'non guilty' verdict in the trial and statements made by Allergan were very damaging. The lawsuit personally cost me $500,000.00

Robert Grant (of Allergan) and my assistant had a discussion about my continuing consultancy and Mr. Grant assured him that Allergan intended to renew my consulting agreement, providing I conduct my "general affairs" in a manner conducive to a mutual working relationship. I was told to "sit back, relax, don't pick up the phone and don't send email, and don't open your mouth." Less then two weeks later, I received a call and was told that I was no longer employed by Allergan. Mr Grant indicated that, despite me being the best injector in the world, they had decided that I would no longer sit on the executive committee and that Allergan would not be renewing my agreement. Furthermore, I had been disinvited to a CME meeting which was supposed to be free of any involvement with Allergan. Grant informed me that they (Allergan) would not want me to attend this consensus CME meeting in Dallas.

So it seems you were again “punished” for trying to inform the industry about a potential conflict of interest for public safety. Did you ever consider taking your message directly to the public?

Klein: Yes. The Wall Street Journal featured me in an article in May of 2007 concerning the adverse side-effects of Artecoll/Artefill. I purposely sought the article in that my prior attempts to inform the public that these products are detrimental to their health and associated with deforming consequences had been blocked.

What precipitated this article being published?

Klein: Subsequent to this article, an internal evaluation on fillers had occurred at the FDA and a public hearing was planned. The moderator who ran the meeting was an Oncologic surgeon and most of the reporting physicians were plastic surgeons. These individuals had at best a remedial knowledge of injectable fillers and the panel had only one member who could be considered knowledgeable about injectables. They evaluated the injectables as one large group and since the hyaluronic acid products such as Restylane and Juvederm are the most frequently employed agents, this resulted in these agents causing the greatest number of adverse reactions.

In regard to both of these products, contrary to what was stated, there has never been a true allergic reaction to a hyaluronic acid filler with a low protein load. The culprits in severe reactions are Sculptra, Radiesse, Silicone and Artefill. These are all synthetic agents and can frequently cause lumps as the body reacts against these foreign substances. I was told I could speak at this/hearing. I flew 3000 miles and was limited to 4 1/2 minutes as the meeting adjourned for lunch. Their invited speakers were given unlimited time and their thoughts were at best confusing. I realized at that point that the FDA was not interested in the truth. Kessler was long gone and the FDA was run basically by members who were controlled by the drug companies. In fact, I spoke in front of the Plastic Surgical Device panel and the next day a member of the panel asked me to teach him to inject Botox so that he could work at health clubs on weekends injecting Botox to make extra money.

What happened next?

Klein: With my reading I learned that members of the US Justice Department were investigating Allergan in Georgia for off-label promotion for migraines. After having been made aware of this investigation of Allergan, I wrote a letter to the US attorney expressing my concerns regarding the forged data which had been published, as noted above. I was asked to meet with the FBI agents and the US Attorney’s office. The meeting took place in Los Angeles. The result of the meeting was that I was asked to provide the government with all of my records detailing all of the foregoing. In 2005, four hundred thirty six "serious adverse event" reports related to Botox® had been reported to Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox®. Two hundred one of these cases were possibly or probably due to remote spread of the toxin, including 42 cases reported after wrinkle injections. Also in 2005, Allergan had reported to the FDA that they had identified 38 patients -- 20 children, most of them with cerebral palsy, and 18 adults -- who had suffered seizures after Botox® injections. During May 2007, European regulators requested that Allergan and two other toxin competitors add information to their product labels and to warn doctors that the toxin could spread, causing botulism like symptoms (dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, blurred or double vision, drooping eyelids, slurred speech and progressive muscle weakness). In July of that same year a confidential report made to Allergan by a consulting firm showed 207 patients had developed medical problems associated with the spread of toxin, including several deaths. A third of the cases reported occurred in people treated for wrinkles. The rest were treated for muscle spasms, muscle spasticity and eye problems. Proportionately more problems were reported amongst children who had received Botox® for cerebral palsy!

The member of the Justice Department who interviewed me, Randy Charash, was unaware of the off-label label promotion Allergan had been doing for cerebral palsy and the deaths that occurred,Furthermore, I was contacted by the Immigration and Customs enforcement agents regarding the lack of a US license by the Canadian doctors. At that time, I was made aware that they (Note: the Drs. Carruthers), in fact, did not have or hold any license to teach and/or work in the USA for the past number of years which in I knew.

What was the outcome in the industry to this article and your subsequent whistle blowing?

Klein: When news got out about the actions I was taking, I was removed from my editorial positions at the Archives of Dermatology and Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Then in September 2010 Allergan Inc., has agreed to settle a federal investigation over how it marketed Botox, said the Associated Press (AP). Allergan Inc. allegedly promoted Botox Therapeutic for unapproved medical uses through Medicaid resulting in a combined $600 million in civil and criminal penalties. The settlement becomes official once a federal judge approves it, said the AP.

A whistleblower complaint led to the probe that lasted one year, with the Justice Department looking at Allergan’s marketing of Botox from 2001 through 2008. The five whistleblowers will split $37.8 million of the government’s settlement. I was not one of the five but petitioned the justice apartment to be included.

Private citizens who file lawsuits on behalf of the government alleging fraud are eligible for up to 18 percent of whatever is recovered as the result of a qui tam lawsuit. According to a press release, Allergan Inc. agreed to pay state governments and the federal government a combined $225 million civil settlement to compensate Medicaid, Medicare and other federal health programs for reimbursements wrongly paid for Botox Therapeutic. This includes $210 million to the federal government—the rest to a number of states—connected to the probe.

Has the retribution and punishment stopped?

Klein: Hardly. , I taught a CME course in Las Vegas which was primarily sponsored by Allergan through an unrestricted research grant. The night before the lecture, the president of the CME company called a special meeting with my office manager to request that I not say anything negative about Allergan, any of its products, or its consultants.

This same CME company holds $600,000 of the grant money in escrow, but now refuses to schedule any further courses with me despite a signed agreement calling for five such courses. Their excuse is a lack of interest in the course! Meanwhile, my office has been barraged by calls requesting information on attending these courses.

Allergan has now developed a special division, targeting non-specialist physicians, such as OBGYN's, Urologists, Pediatricians and nurse practitioners, to teach these physicians how to inject Botox and fillers.

So how are you now able to spread your teachings and warnings?

Klein: From 2008 until present, I have been teaching courses during the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Association of Dermatologic Surgery annual meetings. These courses are not sanctioned by the Academy. I personally paid for and supported these courses. The courses reveal the altered data published in the American literature regarding both toxins and fillers.

True adverse reaction profiles of the injectables are presented, as well as the proper dilution and injection patterns of the various botulinum toxins to prevent adverse reactions and even death.

Allergan is certainly not the only Pharmaceutical company out there. Have you looked into their competition?

Klein: Of course! While working with Allergan I also worked with Medicis. While I popularized their product, Restylane, for wrinkle injection;, they allowed Dr. Jean Carruthers to create and distribute a CD of my work and injection techniques from Johns Hopkins! Jean decided she would be the senior author on my lip injection paper, which was published in Dermatologic Surgery. She is now credited with inventing my lip injection pattern.

So again the Carruther’s strike back. What has since happened?

Klein: I did a lip study for Medicis and had spent over 40 hours rewriting the lip paper with the assistance of Joe Burns to assure that it was written by me and not authored totally by someone at Medicis. I had replaced the diagrams in this paper on several occasions.

Frequently, in lip articles, the lip evaluation lines are put in the wrong place. I felt the paper had to be as accurate as possible. I also warned Medicis to not present this data to the FDA in that it contained my personal injection techniques. I would expect that it is very unusual for someone else to present the data. Contrary to the agreement, someone did present my data to the FDA in order to expand the lip study. Medicis was now aware of the value of using people with political positions in Dermatology such as Drs. Ron Moy*, Rhoda Narins* and Gary Monheit* as consultants. Since Pharmaceutical companies like Medicis wanted presentations at meetings and these people planned the meetings and controlled the Dermatologic journals, they could remain one happy family. One only needs to look at the literature on Dysport and compare it with the literature from Europe 10 years ago. Suddenly they want us to believe Dysport diffuses like Botox and that it virtually acts in an identical manner. One must ask themselves, why did earlier studies show that it acts quicker? It is a scientific fact that smaller molecules diffuse further(Note: spread from the point of injection) . Diffusion depends on molecular size and Dysport diffuses more than Botox. This is why injecting the frown with Dysport usually will affect most of the forehead area above the frown. I shared over 35 articles with Medicis about this, but they just don't want or care to understand the truth. Their theory, espoused by Monheit for Medicis is that when toxins, including Dysport, reach the pH-neutral environment of the body and leave their acidic environment that the protein envelope surrounding the toxin opens, releasing the pure botulinum molecule. And this is why all type A toxins diffuse equally. However Dr Monheit* obviously does not realize that Dysport is stored at a neutral pH. That means that it is not suddenly exposed to a pH change that causes its surrounding protein to leave. Well, there goes Monheit's* theory; yet they still espouse Monehit’s* theory to this day.

It does sound like a medical impossibility. How can this continue to happen?

Klein: It happens all the time in this field. For example during a recent edition in the Journal of The American Academy of Dermatology, I came across an article on Sculptra by a number authors, including Narins* and Monheit*. Every single author was a consultant to Dermik, who manufactures Sculptra. They compared the product to human collagen. the authors got lots of lumps with collagen, which means that they did not know how to inject anything. If they had skin tested with Sculptra, they could have seen the notoriousreactions I seen with this product.

So sum this all up for us, Dr. Klein.

Klein: We have all the makings of a great suspense novel here. We have an ineffective government agency which was duped into approving medicines and devices that did not have sufficient testing. We have a small "old boy, old girl network" of doctors who run the journals, which are monetarily supported by the drug companies. They protect the drug companies from any adverse opinions of drugs and devices by doctors. Additionally, we have foreign doctors on the payroll of the drug companies, changing data to make their studies relevant.,I have brought forward the truth and been silenced by the drug companies, medical societies, medical journals, and political physicians. I like Kessler when he went to UCSF must become a whistleblower or maybe I blew it and did not know.

However the media must improve its message and not be controlled by big Pharma. Doctors should stop promoting and return to medicine with integrity. Medicine is both a science and art. Physicians must remember that and also that if your looking for a great cosmetic doctor he schooled be practicing and not selling worthies creams and schemes. Nevertheless there is some good news and some bad (* Editor of a large journal or president of a large Dermatologic organization)

What s the good and what is the bad? It takes a long time to get people to look and see. Like with Aids Amfar was founded in my home in 1984 and the mainstream finally saw what was happening through the eyes of Elizabeth Taylor and Sharon Stone within 5 years.People are beginning to see what is wrong with medicine and the FDA. Big Business is encroaching on our freedom in every direction and cost of medicine and treatments are increasing, Why I feel more positive these days I am not standing alone but have others questioning the actions of the FDA. Furthermore I have been appointed a consultant to the FDA itself. My only hope is that this appointment will allow me a voice that will be heard among th Nevertheless within days of the Whistleblower Suite Allergan received approval of Botox®®®Chronic migraine (CM) with episodes > 15 month.It is a disabling and undertreated headache disorder affecting 1.3% of the US population. The conclusion was that a fixed-dose fixed-site treatment of 155 units was the best approach. There were two pivotal studies presented to the FDA.. In this one the senior author Andrew Blumenfeld feels that a 2cc dilution is best because there are far less adverse reactions due spread of toxin to unintended locations. The 3rd author who holds the use patent on Botox® treatment for migraines uses 80-155 units and a 4cc dil

Either way if the forged paper that said dilution did not matter was never published people would pay more attention to where the toxin went, specifically unintended muscles which can result in severe adverse reactions. Furthermore Irena if you are still reading I used around 80 units the lowest possible dose. All I can say is watch out Medicare when you see tons of migraine treatments when most of the dose is freely used in cosmetic patients. Also remember the injection of Botox is an art and Neurologists may not be the most painless group and would never care if your eyebrows ended up around your knee’s. Furthermore, I hope they know excessive doses or improper injection sites can stop one from breathing.

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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Apr 24 11 10:37 PM

Too much.  I’m going to bed before I go freaking out of my mind.  This is rambling on and on for days.  Is he losing his mind?????

Nite all.  

Michael, what ever you’re going through, I love you more.

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Apr 25 11 7:43 AM

So to sum it up, the BIG PHARMA companies runs the show. The government seems to be powerless, however they know was going on and it seems someday this whole thing is going to balance out.
They have been talks about what Klein is saying on TV. Is not an easy battle that is for sure... "drugs" keeps the economy moving... it's sad but true.

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Jan 12 12 9:39 AM

Dr Klein,

Did the Dr's Carruthers not sue Allergan and receive a settlement in the 90's?


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