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Oct 13 10 8:30 AM

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I dont know how many of you are aware of this emovie book. I bought it for the PC Kindle. Its called 'Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life'. It is written by a Lady close to the Jackson family called Pearl Jr.
I must admit most of it is information and proof that the hoax investigators have already come up with, which she's put together as a book, but she does credit the people who got the information origionally. She covered the 2005 trial and predicted that MJ would be found innocent, and she also predicted that Barack Obama would become president. Now in this book she predicts a comeback date for MJ. She predicts February 14th, 2011, St Valentines Day. Its all about the L.O.V.E. theme! 
I briefly browsed through the book as that was the most important piece of information i wanted to since then ive had my PC in for repairs and unfortunately its been wiped off *foaming*!

You can look her up on facebook, she is simply 'Pearl Jr' her profile picture is her and Jermaine. She might add you if request. And she tries to answer questions if she can.

So i just thought that might be of interest to some fans. Im sorry if this info has been posted before somewhere else.

love Rachael.

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Thiller The Comeback Part II

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Jul 12 12 6:55 AM

For anyone still interested in the hoax angle, how about this?

I was looking at the video that Pearl Junior has posted on youtube about the 'Flight of the Bumblebee' connection.The song 'Breaking News' has excerpts from this piece.

I love a puzzle and so this started me browsing and I was interested to find this.

This odd painting is about awakening from a dream and has images symbolising resurrection.

Next to the naked body of the sleeping woman, which levitates above a flat rock that floats above the sea, Dalí depicts two suspended droplets of water and a pomegranate, a Christian symbol of fertility and resurrection.[2] ......
The bayonet, as a symbol of the stinging bee, may thus represent the woman's abrupt awakening from her otherwise peaceful dream. This is an example of Sigmund Freud's influence on surrealist art and Dalí's attempts to explore the world of dreams in a dreamscape....
In 1962, Dalí said his painting was intended "to express for the first time in images Freud's discovery of the typical dream with a lengthy narrative, the consequence of the instantaneousness of a chance event which causes the sleeper to wake up....and for a long dream to end with the guillotine blade falling on them, the noise of the bee here provokes the sensation of the sting which will awaken Gala."
I thought this was an intesting find, given the 'clues' just about everywhere since this whole thing started.
Also the picture seems to contain 'circus' animals and almost has the look of a circus poster, which makes me think of the PT Barnum connection again.
Barnum includes reference to a bumblebee in the form of a tongue twister in his book 'The Humbugs of the World', which is another interesting connection.
Any thoughts anyone?

Always look on the bright side of life!

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Jul 12 12 10:23 AM

Love you more Sunny!! Hugs 

I personally don't think he will ever come back. For me, the thing that confirmed this on June 25th was the tweet sent out by Paris, quote "RIP Michael Jackson .. Dad you will forever be in my heart <3 i love you"

I translated it into MJ the musician is gone never to come back, while the father is alive and well living a new life he chose. From Paris's tweet, he seems to be happy and she is happy for him. But then again that's just me translating things my way and I could be wrong.

In regards to the painting, I don't know what to say really. As of June 2009 till date we cannot stop hearing about Mike being an artist/ art lover. Does that mean he will come back in another form/ continue to address us from behind the scenes via visual art? Probably so. 

I found the below video very intriguing. It says a lot, and there is also reference of the above work by Dali. 

One interesting thing they mention is how certain pieces of art help us explore our inner-selves and discover things we never knew existed. I think this happened to all of us at one point or another, after June 25, 2009. So was this a "mission accomplished?" by Mike .. I know this has been the case for myself.

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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