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Mar 21 10 7:30 AM

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I am apart of the wyclef warriors not im joining another movement. I know some people have heard things about Wycelf's If i knew somethings were happening with his Org i would not have post it nor would i be part of it. So i would like to say our warriors are still going strong and im glad to be part of the warriors family.

Now! I have been waiting for a time like this! I have the love and RESPECT for ALL the Marley's family. They are the meaning of positive music. And i know their history will ALWAYS live on forever. Join the Movement.Working together for a better world. Why do we salute the American Flag? This is not the "freedom" Country everyone think. Racist still exist. Hate still exist. People of the same sex cant be together like its a NEW thing. You call this freedom?

 What if we all practice love & forgiveness with our enemies like we do to the ones that love & ALWAYS hurt us? Never let the sun go down on our anger. When i choose to forgive everyone for their disrespect, inattention, laziness, and disobedience. I can start every day fresh, and deal with each problematic situation as it arises. Than i'll find myself Slower to anger, quicker to forgive, more rich in love and compassion. 1 love, 1 nation, 1 blood. We all bleed the same color. There is no race in mankind. We are human(1 FAMILY). Because we are a shade light/darker that makes us different? We are ALL God's children. Grow in grace and beauty, love others, and help others. Love God. And i say Blessings to all mankind.

Become a person of courage by becoming a person of action! The Love of God can still be seen through such hate. Lord have mercy on those who were ruled and motivated by hate & racism. One day we will all be free. Free from Hatred, Killing, & Fear.

We(the world) have been through so much & the sad thing about it is people so busy envying each other & trying too be what they're not.Violence, Wars, Mother Nature & Deadly Diseases Took Away Our Loved Ones. We Watched Helplessly But At The End Of The Day God Is and will ALWAYS be The Winner.

After the tears always comes inspiration.The greatest job i ever gotten is the [Life] God gave me. The greatest success, is successful self acceptance. I wake up everyday stressing things that matter only for the moment without even realizing how short life is. enjoy life,Be grateful,thankful and live it humble. But i realize wow i am soooo blessed and dont even know how blessed i am.dont ever let the money and fame change you or make you forget who you ware and where you came from.

People talking about some Happy Black History Month when they still use the "N" word. Y'all need to get that black history background check because some of y'all dont really know whats its all about.

People worrying that their lives may end in 2012, when it could really happen today,tomorrow, in a second or minute. Now people talking about they found God like the man was ever lost. Stop looking and asking for him when your just in trouble.

The world is in trouble when we see that iPad is more important than iRaq. Is that iPad going to make the world a better place?

Stop letting and waiting for the government to make those changes and making it a "better place" because if u ask me its on YOU to make that change and spread words to others.

But always remember You always have to find goodness when things happen. People wonder why God have done them wrong. You question him, Why? Have u ever asked yourself that same question? We are not perfect. NO ONE is. even in the midst of turmoil, uncertainty, not understanding y, still Praise GOD.

BLESSINGS & L.O.V.E & STOP the mind games

Jah Bless

The House of Marley is here: The send out some positve message as well.

He spent a year in silence to better understand the sound of a whisper

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Thriller Comebacker

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Mar 21 10 7:47 AM

thank you for this link Rae... and I love the introduction "working together for a better world"...

another great man....

(I sent a message to the House of Marley with another pseudo...)

They told me A (wo)man should be faithfull and walk when not able and fight till the end but I'm only human... Keep the faith! Don't let nobody turn you round...

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Mar 22 10 9:51 PM

Thanks Rae!! I'm a huge fan of Bob Marley, and I must agree with you that yes he was a wonderful man...his music will live on forever.

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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