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Stranger In Moscow

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Feb 10 10 7:41 AM

it will never go to trial anyway. i'm 90% positive he's going to take a plea deal [bargain]. the max he can get is 4 years. if it goes to trial they will need a change of venue [good luck with that!].  for a 4 year sentence they will whittle it down to 2 years house arrest, 2 years probation/community service, with a hefty fine and limit his practice priviledges. the jacksons will then take him to civil court for wrongful death suit and be awarded a lump sum paid out by his malpractice insurance. the insurance probably won't cover the total amount paid out, so they'll sue him for the difference personally [which he'll file bankruptcy on of course because he has no assets]. now we know why nothing was in his name.[clever!]
if he goes to jail, the inmates will kill him.[i'm not even exaggerating on that!]. that's why the lawyers were so eager for him to surrender and had bond ready. they don't want him in there with the other inmates. since the judge agreed to bond [thinking he's not a flight risk], they must already be talking plea deal. it's an involuntary manslaughter case. they aren't going to spend millions of dollars on a trial with only a 4 year sentence. what they will do is make a "poster child" out of murray. if you thought naomi campbell picking up trash was as punishment for her brush with the law was amusing, hold on to your seat belts for what they will make murray do!
i think this is very real. but i also think they have to go through the steps to keep mj hidden. this also signals to me that he's not coming out of hiding either. all i can say is, murray must have been paid a king's ransom to suffer like this. 75,000 bond? yeah wonder who fronted that? [smile]


Maybe to pay off his child support.

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Feb 10 10 9:55 PM

I came across this very interesting comment on TMZ (Ralu also referred to it yesterday). Check it out:


66. Before continuing forward in accepting everything we see, could your investigative team please identify the person noted in this YouTube video and the same as noted seated in the courtroom yesterday?

This YouTube video was posted by "mjdhor" {I have no idea who this person is}, and it presents the same type of question which has haunted the "MJ Death" saga from the beginning. Many questions ~ Not many beLIEvable answers.

Please note 1:26, and then 2:52.

Since TMZ was there LIVE, I am sure they perused the courtroom with a "who's who" eye, so they probably would have questioned and/or know who this person is. And then, of course, why was he "coincidentally" and so extremely mistaken for Dr. Conrad Murray. True flub or just the truth caught peeking? Please take the time to look and inform.

Posted at 3:04PM on Feb 10th 2010 by Maria

Read more:

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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Feb 11 10 7:28 AM

Sorry Sunny, I didn't knew that...

I heard the first time yesterday from Purple about the fact... sorry again!!!

(I'm very sensitive to this credit thing... I don't want to cause any difficulies... I think I just had signed to this forum in August and so overread the post - otherwise I would have remembered...)

I hope you accept my appologies.

Do what you want to do and go where you're going to, think for yourself... >Beatles<

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Jun 21 10 10:00 PM

I knew it! That court scenario was nothing but an act Check this video out, its what I have been saying all along!!  Oh, and that video with Randy, is that another new interview, because I sure havent seent it before!!

Michael Jackson ft. Dr.Murray - A COVER STORY

This is an explanation Dr.Murray’s case. why he is still free and wont be charge. Why this is the ultimate goal during this hoax, and why this is a cover story. I’ll say it again that this is MY thoughts!

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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Jun 22 10 1:45 AM

Found it! If you've studied body language you can tell for a fact that Randy is extremely nervous in this interview, and he is selecting his words very carefully. I felt really bad for him and the family after seeing this interview. I hope justice prevails soon and the truth finally comes out. From what I understood from words like; quote: "Michael is strong headed", "he would never make a mistake with his kids names on the will" ...etc, this whole thing was planned by Michael and not anyone else. Not all the family members could have been aware of this matter before the plan was implemented, some of them could have been informed after it was put into action for their safety. But now I think they are all on board, except Joe; he still represents a wild card to me. Thats how I see it.



How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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Aug 21 12 12:28 PM

The toys on judges Schwartz' desk in 2008 video. Minute 1:25

Removed in 2011

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