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Thiller The Comeback Part II

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#21 [url]

Dec 15 09 2:19 AM

hmmmm...and yet another discrepancy!...male or female?....sign DC or no sign DC....

here's something else that is this is taken directly from the state of California medical license board (so it doesn't get any more official than this)....notice the last 3 lines....makes you go hmmmmm?

License: A 60074
License Type: Physician and Surgeon
Licensee may be a U.S. or Canadian medical school graduate whose pathway to licensure was based on the FLEX (Federation Licensing Exam), USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) or LMCC (Licentiate of Medical Council of Canada) written examination and has been licensed less than four years in another state OR may be an International medical school graduate whose pathway to licensure was based on the above exams or approved combinations of the NBME (National Board Medical Exam), FLEX or USMLE.
Address of Record:
Address of Record County: LOS ANGELES
License Status: License Renewed & Current
Licensee meets requirements for the practice of medicine in California.
Public Record Action(s):
No Public Record Actions available
Original Issue Date: May 2, 1996
Expiration Date: July 31, 2011
Year Graduated: 1994

Activities In Medicine: PATIENT CARE - 20 TO 29 HOURS
Primary Practice Location Zip Code: 90024
Board Certification(s): EMERGENCY MEDICINE
Visit ABMS to verify
Primary Practice Area(s): No primary practice areas identified
Secondary Practice Area(s): No secondary practice areas identified
Post Graduate Training Years: 4 YEARS
Ethnic Background: Declined to Disclose
Foreign Language(s): Declined to Disclose
Gender: Declined to Disclose


>>>>EDIT<<<<<Apparently disclosing your race and gender is optional; I looked up my own doctor on there and she disclosed her gender /languages (but not race)...Dr. Murray is on there as well, but he also declined to state race/gender.

Who ever updated the UCLA database either knows the doctor or made an assumption based on the name (which wouldn't surprise me, I have friends who work there and some of the staff aren't the best and brightest)....yeah, I said it! .....(glad I don't do that anymore)
...the name sounds like a woman's, but it's actually unisex...and of course no one can find a picture of this person!....can we get something simple for a change?.... ugh!

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#22 [url]

Dec 15 09 4:23 AM

As Purple said, anyone dare to call? Or as an aleternative can we find something from his/her year book? Although frankly speaking, I know the next surprise will be this person never exists so I'm not really too thrilled about it.

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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#23 [url]

Dec 15 09 5:02 AM

NetworkedMD is a private network for doctors only.

Below is some public information about Dr. Cooper. If you are a physician and are interested in building your network and connecting with others in your field, sign up today!

Dr. Richelle Jody Cooper, MD

Emergency Medical Services
10833 Le Conte Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90095-3075

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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Off The Wall

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#24 [url]

Dec 15 09 7:11 AM

Here's something for you guys. Not sure if this has been mentioned so please forgive me if it has been. I recall LaToya saying in an interview that she signed the death certificate at the hospital. Here in the US the mortuary or funeral home prepares the death certificate. I have never heard of a hospital preparing one. I know this because I use to work at at funeral home and have typed many death certificates in my time.

It's also the funeral home who files the death certificate with the health department. I don't recall the Jackson family choosing Forest Lawn as their funeral provider on June 25th, do you?

Ok. Caring on.

What we don't understand we can make mean anything - Chuck Palahniuk

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#25 [url]

Dec 15 09 9:31 AM

 I know the next surprise will be this person never exists so I'm not really too thrilled about it. -Su237 
I think she does exist. Apperently she wrote at least two books :)

I don't recall the Jackson family choosing Forest Lawn as their funeral provider on June 25th, do you? -illusionist
No. Craig Harvey said June 26th the body is ready to be released but the family had not chosen a mortuary yet. 

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#26 [url]

Dec 15 09 10:59 AM

@illusionist, yes you're right La Toya did state she signed the DC in an interview. heart
@Purple, according to the link you provided she is not the author of those two books. The authors are mentioned below in bold. Richelle is mentioned on page 119 in the advertisements, love the title of the advertisement LOL. Trust me this is another joker in the pack! grin
1. Clinical Practice: ACP Guidelines and USPSTF Recommendations - by Vincenza Snow
2. Science and Litigation: Products Liability in Theory and Practice - by Terrence F. Kiely (Author)

(Author) "It is important to note that the term science in the discussions to follow has little or no connection to the utilization and understanding of..." (more)
Key Phrases: punitive damage count, generic defect types, formal test reports, United States, Supreme Court, Kumho Tire (more...)
Excerpt - page 119: "... Advertisements: Are They Truth- ful and Are They Adequately Detailed?," Richelle J. Cooper, David L. ..."

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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#27 [url]

Dec 15 09 11:16 AM

Oh man, Su... I dont think, the whole internet is fake because of Mr. Michael Jackson.... just call her and youll know... lol..

"Graphics in Pharmaceutical Advertisements: Are They Truthful, Are They Adequately Detailed?

Richelle J Cooper,1 David L Schriger,1 Roger C Wallace,1 Vladislav J Mikulich,1 and Michael S Wilkes2
Objective: Are pharmaceutical advertisements sophisticated medical communications akin to scientific publications, or hollow slogans akin to popular advertising? If the former, graphs within advertisements should be similar to graphs in scientific manuscripts. This study characterized the quantity and quality of graphs in pharmaceutical advertisements.
Design: All pharmaceutical advertisements in 10 leading US medical journals published in 1999 were reviewed and each data graph was evaluated to characterize its features. Pharmaceutical advertisement graphs were contrasted with graphs in articles of JAMA and Annals of Emergency Medicine.
Results: There were 836 glossy and 455 small-print pages in 484 unique advertisements (of 3190 total advertisements). Forty-nine percent of glossy page area was nonscientific figures/images, 0.4% tables, and 1.6% scientific graphs (74 graphs in 64 advertisements). The remaining 49% was text or blank page. Eight percent of graphs had errors, 5% had visual obfuscation, and 12% used nonstandard graphing conventions. Only 36% of graphs were self-explanatory. No graphs contained advanced features (pairing, symbolic dimensionality, or small multiples). Fifty-eight percent presented data on an outcome relevant to the drug's indication. When comparing the pharmaceutical advertisement graphs (n=74) with scientific graphs from JAMA (n=64) and Annals of Emergency Medicine (n=128), more simple univariate graphs (96%) were noted in advertisements than in articles published in JAMA (63%) or Annals of Emergency Medicine (53%). Pharmaceutical advertisement graphs had more visual noise (66% vs JAMA 0% or Annals of Emergency Medicine 10%), more numeric distortion (36% vs JAMA 6% or Annals of Emergency Medicine 5%), and more redundancies within the graphs (46% vs JAMA 14% or Annals of Emergency Medicine 16%). The efficiency of data presentation quantified by the data depiction index (area of graph that contains information) was less in the pharmaceutical advertisement graphs; median and interquartile ranges were for pharmaceutical advertisements 0.22 (0.11, 0.43), JAMA 1.1 (0.52, 3.36), and Annals of Emergency Medicine 0.94 (0.54, 1.7).
Conclusions: Graphs in pharmaceutical advertisements were rare and when present were of lower quality than those in journal articles. The pharmaceutical advertisement graphs' designs frequently resulted in numeric distortion, which is specifically prohibited by US Food and Drug Administration regulations.
1UCLA Emergency Medicine Center, UCLA School of Medicine, 924 Westwood Blvd, #300, Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA, e-mail:; and 2Department of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine"

You can also mail her ;)))

Interestingly she also published a study about prescription drugs and advertising in 2005 :)))

"Previous studies have shown that physicians' drug prescribing is influenced by pharmaceutical ads. We wanted to see what documents were being used to substantiate the claims and how accessible these were to physicians who may want to verify the research findings," said lead author Dr. Richelle Cooper, assistant clinical professor, Division of Emergency Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA."

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mcl mj


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#29 [url]

Apr 12 10 4:08 PM

I read de book of La Toya Jackson "Jackson Story" (1998) and I know that La Toya is special but she wrote all de reals names of each other, so:

Maurenn Reilette = Rebbie
Sigmund Esco = Jackie
Toriano Adaryell = Tito
Jermaine Lijuan = Jermaine
Yvonne = La Toya
Marlon David = Marlon
Michael Joseph = Michael (Mike)
Steven Randall = Randie
Janet Damita Jo = Janet
So is it Michael Joseph or Michel Joe ?&%
After all of that, It seems to be Micheal Joseph !!

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#31 [url]

Apr 12 10 9:21 PM

I've said this before and I say it again: I still think that he is really called Michael Joseph Joe Jackson  or Michael Joseph Joseph Jackson (all the other sibblings have two first names) and none has Joe or Joseph in them.


Jermaine Lijuan = Jermaine would be: Jermaine Lijuan (Joe? or Joseph?) Jackson

How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside...

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#32 [url]

Mar 3 11 1:53 AM

Just listen at 0.35 ,you will hear Michael saying his name as"Michael Joseph Jackson".This clip is the first part of the hearing in his trial for the Dangerous song.So,its really official, its serious issue,you cant joke in a trial about your name.


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#33 [url]

Dec 9 12 5:42 PM

Ok, So I am very confused on this whole joe/joseph concept... I'm a believer. There are a few videos on youtube saying there is two different michael jacksons. One with the middle name as joe and another with the middle name joseph... I'm not sure if this is true. But if it is true then that would mean that Michael JOE Jackson is still alive and that Michael JOSEPH Jackson die on june 25 BUT i'm not sure which one is the REAL michael.. which one we all fell in love with. These are clearly two differen't people.. but i'm not sure what one is the real one. I'm thinking that hopefully Michael Joe Jackson is the real michael. So i'm just confused with this.. I would really like some help and some type of conclusion to this. It is really bothering me and is really confusing. Here is one of the videos that was talking about there being two differen't michaels.                                         No copyright intended..

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